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At Hibiscus Funeral Services, we provide more than just funeral arrangements; we offer a beacon of light during your darkest moments. Dedicated to serving the Hibiscus Coast community, our comprehensive suite of services is designed with genuine care and compassion.

From the initial planning stages to the final tribute, our team is here to support, guide, and ensure every detail aligns with your wishes. Let us shoulder the logistics so you can focus on remembering, healing, and celebrating the life of your loved one.

Four different hearses
Hibiscus Funeral Services

The Hearse

The only legal restrictions pertaining to the transportation of your loved one is that they must be properly wrapped and shrouded, or placed in a casket. Under New Zealand law, a deceased person cannot be in ‘view of the public’. As long as these criteria are met, you may transport them any way you like. Hibiscus Funeral Services are able to make this part of your tribute as simple or as ornate as you like.

For a more traditional style of funeral, for instance, limousines may be arranged for the family. We can also source more unusual and unique vehicles, such as a motorcycle hearse. Also, do let us know if there is a special route you would like the procession to take.

You may want to take care of it as a family and transport your dearly departed to their final resting place yourself. Either way, there are many options which we can discuss with you.

about Hibiscus Funeral Services

We believe tradition is important, but it should not limit us.

Where tradition has value in the life of a family, it should be honoured. Where faith is central, it should be observed. Tracey will provide suggestions and guidance on the options available and the choices you are considering.The death of a loved one is a very difficult time and we respect your needs and circumstances.

We will take care of your loved one, and provide you with exceptional funeral services based on over 20 years of caring for people and their families in Auckland. Our mission is to make the toughest time in your life just a little bit easier, and enable you to commemorate the life of your loved one in a meaningful, affordable way.